Six Costly Mistakes People Make When Eating Out

Six Costly Mistakes People Make When Eating Out

If you are interested in saving a few dollars try avoiding making these costly mistakes when eating out.


Eating at Chain Restaurants

You might enjoy eating at chain restaurants because you are familiar with them, however chain restaurants (franchises, etc.) have the additional overhead costs and payments to head offices, that independent restaurants do not have. These costs can increase the price of a meal anywhere from $0.40 to $3.00.


Eating at Restaurants with Fancy Décor

Who pays for this décor? You do! You pay for their building, its furnishings, and all the things on the walls. These expenses can get high, especially in the restaurants and pubs with televisions splattered everywhere (I have even seen some places with a television in the men’s washroom (the woman’s washroom had a fireplace). Fancy décor can add $5.00, or more, to the price of a meal.


Eating at Buffets

Buffets may seem like a good value, but unless you go to a cheap buffet, and eat a lot of food, they can be a rip off. This is because restaurants must compensate for a high loss through waste. So, not only are you paying for the food you do eat, but sometimes for the food you do not eat.

Ordering More than you can Eat

Ordering a big meal then leaving part of it is wasteful, instead people can order an appetizer, or something off the seniors menu (even when not a senior).

Ordering Drinks

Drinks are where restaurants really make their money. The mark up on drinks is particularly high when compared with the meal itself. In some cases a fountain soda may cost them $0.25, but they charge $1.50. Simple brewed coffee may cost them $0.30 but they charge $1.90. You may want to be aware that some coffee places do offer discounts if you use your own refillable mug, but still the mark up is high.

Alcoholic beverages are even worse with higher mark ups.



Tips are not mandatory and many people tip out of habit rather than based on the quality of service. In some areas the law does not require restaurant staff to be paid a proper wage, however their service should reflect this and be worth tipping.  If the service is poor, there is no reason you need to feel like you have to tip.

Be aware that some restaurants add tips to your bill, while these places should be avoided when one is trying to save money, if the service was not up to par one can always complain to the manager and ask that this be removed. Patrons need to be aware when tips are automatically added onto their bill as some will not realize this and leave an additional tip (which you can do if service was excellent, but not if you want to save money).


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